Round ‘n round we go!

Not a new thing making it’s rounds, but it still gave me a chuckle and I thought it might give you one too! We can certainly hope that actual spring is not far around the corner and judging by the shedding of livestock, the bagging of bags, and the birds that seem to be appearing out of nowhere, it’s on it’s way.

We have our first piglets on the ground and it looks like the ewes won’t be far behind with lambing. Since we sold all the goats we won’t have any kid cuteness this spring, but we are hopeful that Nolan bred our cows before we lost him and that we’ll have calves this summer.

The chickens are starting to lay again and there are already patches of green starting to grow in the pasture and anywhere the snow has melted. One can’t help but breathe in deeply when stepping outdoors to take in the sunshine and fresh spring air after breathing stale indoor air all winter long!

We have a LOT on the go this spring. We did a ‘soft launch’ of our Twisted River Gourmet Finishing Salts just before Christmas, and were pleased with the interest shown, but we are hoping the Seasonings & Sauces part of that will soon follow once we’ve dotted some Is and crossed some Ts.

In addition to that, we will once again have SAUSAGE available later this spring – some of our old flavours (Campfire & Cold-Smoked Mennonite), as well as some even more exciting new flavours. Watch for a poll on our facebook page as we’d love your input! Not just pork sausage this time though! We will also have beef, lamb, and some amazing poultry/duck options as well!

The geese and ducks have been separated into their breeding groups, so we need to get moving and wire them off from those pesky ravens who stole all their eggs on us last year. Our hope is to have both chicken and duck eggs available for you to purchase soon, or for those who keep their own poultry we will have ducklings and goslings for sale later in spring/summer. We will not be selling any chicken hatching eggs this year, at least we don’t think so, but that may change.

We’ve started the garden season by sprouting a variety of onions that have come up nicely, but we’ll have some other greens growing soon to make available to the public as well. Once the garden is underway we hope to offer some delicious variety packs of salad tomatoes and more!

Did I mention that we are setting up a farm-gate store where you can purchase all these goodies? Stay tuned for more details!