Piglets & Dexters & Hair Sheep, oh my!

Season’s greetings all! Just a quick update on what’s been happening here at Ravenwood Acres! We’ve been working hard at some farm repairs and trying to streamline how we deal with our critters. Neither of us is getting any younger so the more efficient we are the better! Considering it’s winter here, we’ve got everyone set up for winter and there is little in the way of news, but I thought I’d outline our offerings to you for next year as we plan for spring/summer.

We have 3 litters of piglets planned for March, 2 for May and, depending on interest, 1 or 2 litters in September. The list of buyers is long so if you are interested, let us know now! We will finally have purebred, registerable Tamworths again this year for seed stock if anyone is looking for this amazing breed! As an aside, feel free to ask us why we recommend using registered stock for breeding!

As usual, we hope to have a couple Dexter calves available too. We still have a beautiful registered Dexter heifer available from 2021 as well (see photo). And we will have hair sheep lambs, and NubianX goat kids available at weaning in mid-summer too, so if you are looking for lambs to grow out, or a family dairy goat check us out!

I also wanted to mention that I have a lovely ‘starter flock’ of NubianX goats available – a 2 yr old pure Nubian buck (unregistered), and 2 young does from last year’s births. Motivated to sell so message if interested!

Unfortunately, we are taking a break from heritage poultry sales again this year as other areas of the farm are taking precedence at the moment. We will, however, have our fantastic Beltsville Small White turkeys available – hatching eggs (once fertility is determined) and poults. We will also have Welsh Harlequin hatching eggs/ducklings, and Jumbo Pekin hatching eggs/ducklings. As usual, we will have Sebastopol goslings available later in the summer. Everything we have available will be posted here or on our facebook page.

And finally, we are trying to get some video action going so we’d love to have your support on our Youtube channel – Ravenwood Acres – Homegrown. And don’t forget to visit us on Instagram too!

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