We offer the following products and services for our clients!


HATCHING EGGS:  Hatching eggs can be shipped anywhere in Canada.  Sorry, but we cannot ship to the US at this time. We are not taking pre-orders for hatching eggs this year. Instead, hatching eggs available for purchase each week will be posted on our facebook page or as an online auction. We will make an exception to this for local 4-H participants who may be required to hatch their own.  All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  In order to package and ship your eggs as safely as possible, we require a flat rate packaging fee of $5.

Please note, we offer NO GUARANTEES ON HATCHING EGGS OR YOUR HATCH as there are too many external and uncontrollable variables that can contribute to a poor hatch.   We strive to send you only the freshest eggs and ship only when we know that fertility is greater than 80% (extra eggs are included in case of lowered fertility or breakage), but the rest is up to you!  Egg sales are final and non-refundable.

HATCHLINGS: If you are local (within a driving distance YOU are willing to make to pick up), and prefer chicks, please contact us as we will have a wait list for each breed that will be filled in order of request. A non-refundable deposit will be required when your eggs are set to incubate. We will do our best to ensure the quantity requested, but hatch rates cannot be guaranteed, so whatever hatches is what you get (and yes, that includes cockerel chicks on non-sexable breeds). 

Once your hatchlings have arrived, we expect you to come pick them up within a few days. If you cannot do so, there will be a brooding fee of $1/day per hatchling for us to care for them until you do. If hatchlings are not picked up within 7 days, they become the property of Ravenwood Acres and your deposit will be used toward caring for and advertising to sell the peeps you didn’t pick up!  All hatchlings are sold as 1-4 day olds unsexed (straight run) unless otherwise indicated.

PRICE LIST: Please review our breed pages for our 2018 offerings and pricing.


WEANER PIGS & SEED STOCK:   We generally have weaner pigs available several times per year. Please message us to find out when our next litter will be available so we can get your name on the wait list.  We offer registered Tamworth seed stock for those wishing to assist in breed conservancy.  Unregistered breeding stock can be chosen from our Tamworth X litters. Please contact us for more information.

DEXTER CALF SALES:  Our goals with our Dexters is to produce 2-3 quality calves per year. We intend to raise a steer a year, but anything beyond that will generally be available for purchase.  If you are looking for a weanling Dexter heifer, bull calf, or steer from us, please contact us at your earliest opportunity so we can get you on the wait list. Pricing is market dependent.