Happy 2018!

Another new year with lots of promise ahead!  So … What’s up for 2018, you ask?

It’s been just over 2 yrs since we moved to our new farm in the beautiful Shuswap so we figured it was about time that we did some more updates to the poultry barn.  To that end, we are replacing our temporary pens and building new breeding pens for our poultry this year. Each breed will have 3 pens which will enable us to better manage our breeding program and providing lots of diversity and better quality control in each breed. Unfortunately, the delays will mean that our stock won’t be separated until sometime in February and availability of hatching eggs/chicks is contingent upon fertility after that.

As always, we will be offering heritage poultry hatching eggs shipped across Canada again this season, but because we are both working variably off the farm we are doing things a bit differently this year in order to better accommodate providing this service. We are NOT taking pre-orders for hatching eggs. Instead, we will post what is available for purchase each week on our Ravenwood Acres – Facebook page.

If you are local (within a driving distance YOU are willing to make to pick up), and prefer chicks, please contact us as we will have a wait list for hatchlings of each breed that will be filled in order of request. Non-refundable deposits will be required when your eggs are set to incubate. We will do our best to ensure the quantity requested, but hatch rates cannot be guaranteed, so whatever hatches is what you get (and yes, that includes cockerel chicks on non-sexable breeds). Of course, we will also have hatchlings available at local sales again this year. To review our breeds, please visit our breed links under Critters in the menu above.

Also new this year, we will finally have our rotational grazing set up for finishing our pigs and we are excited to offer pork for sale in the fall (whole hog, half hog, or pork packs of varying sizes) and we will have sausage available shortly! We can also offer roast suckling size or roasters for your summer/fall events, but you must pre-order.

And of course, we are still offering beautiful, registered Tamworth seed stock and Tam/Tam X weaner piglets for those who wish to raise their own!

We still have a beautiful registered Dexter heifer available from 2017, and we are expecting 3 Dexter calves this coming season. Dexters make great small hold farm cows as they don’t require the same space or feed as their larger cousins, yet make excellent milking cows, with milk similar to that of a Jersey, and delicious grass fed beef!

Lastly, we hope to provide some roasting chicken, turkey, and duck for your table this year. We also have lots of stewing hens in the freezer, only $2.50/lb, ready for your Instant Pot. Nothing like delicious chicken stew and dumplings on these cold winter evenings!

We have a few other ideas in the works, but we will announce those later when we are closer to bringing them to fruition!

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