Spring has sprung!

Finally!  Our poultry has all been separated and fertility testing will start this coming weekend as we put the first official gatherings from our pens into the incubator. Most breeds are laying well with a couple exceptions – we will need to wait a bit longer for Faverolles, Coturnix Quail, and Mandarins.  The Call ducks were laying 7 per day up until about a week ago, and have now dropped down to 2 per day, and we can’t seem to find where our Runner ducks are laying which makes it difficult to collect!

We do have the incubator loaded with eggs already though – mostly with Orpington, Brahma, and Chantecler large fowl, some mixed duck eggs (Welsh/Appleyard/Runner), Silkies and Golden Campines, and Beltsville Small White turkeys – so we will have some hatchlings available in a week or so.  Pearl, one of our Muscovy hens, is sitting on a nest of eggs too, so whatever she hatches will be for sale.

And, not to forget the 4 footed crew: we have 2 beautiful Katahdin X ewe lambs available upon weaning, as well as a Dexter bull calf for sale, and we are expecting 2 more calves in the next month or so.  Pepper pig should be farrowing a litter of piglets soon too, so we’ll have bacon seeds ready to go in early summer!

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that we will have delicious pork sausage available in early May – Smokies (regular, cheese, jalapeno), Italian, Breakfast. Mmm, sausage!

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