7 Bacon Seeds for Cicely

Just an update for ya’ll – Cicely had 7 lovely little piglets, but unfortunately one got chilled and despite our attempts to revive her she eventually passed away. Now, I don’t know about you, but there is a lot of rhetoric out there spouted by PETA and other supposedly ‘humane’ organizations about how farmers are uncaring toward their animals and only care about the money they can get from processing them for meat. Well, let me tell you … that is so far from the truth. I worked day and night to ensure that our weak little piglet would survive – not because she was worth money to me, but because every life deserves a chance and I adore every creature born under my care from the tiniest chick to our the biggest calf. In fact, here we are several days later and I’m still tearing up over the fact that we lost that little piglet. If anything, they become even more dear to our hearts when we have to take extra measures to ensure they thrive and it is that much more painful when we lose them.

Anyhow, we still have 6 lovely piglets and Cicely is such a good momma, even better than I could have hoped. She even let me milk her and I was right down amidst the piglets for hours the first day trying to get everyone to suckle as it was a rather chilly beginning for them. I’ll drop a little video in for you so you can see how a good momma pig lays down to protect her piglets!

For those who are interested in raising Tamworths, our spring/summer litters are all spoken for, but we will have a litter in early fall with registered stock. Please contact ASAP though because if there isn’t enough interest we need to know by breeding time in May!

MMF Cicely and her piglets.

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