Lambing Season Begins!

Is there any better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with brand new lambs?! Apparently my lambing calculations were wrong and Halo presented us with 2 beautiful black and white lambs – already dried off and up feeding – when we arrived home from work. Great start to spring if I do say so myself! Now Halo is the daughter of Bunny, a pure Katahdin ewe. Halo was a very standoffish youngster but to her defense we didn’t really know much about handling lambs back then so she just did her thing and we let her. Well, come lambing season the following year we had quite a rodeo with her – starting with lambing while I was at work. Halo was so difficult – she didn’t like us near her, she rejected her lamb who we ended up bottle feeding in addition to hog-tying momma up to allow her to suckle. It all ended well with Halo becoming much more amenable to handling and Chase got an opportunity to bottle feed her lamb Charlotte, who, we discovered at weaning time was actually feeding from mom when we weren’t looking! LOL At any rate, Halo has turned into one of our best ewes and is showing how exemplary her lineage is for mothering, despite her first experience. Here are a couple pictures. The spotted one is male, the black saddled one is female – both are available for sale. Dam is high% Katahdin, sire is Luke, our purebred Dorper. To see a video, pop on over to our facebook page!

We have 6 more ewes to lamb, and 3 goat does, plus 2 more litters of piglets in March. We are also hoping for 3 calves this year too, but they sort of make their own timeline! We are sold out of piglets until fall, but most of the other babies will be available for sale so if you are interested in one of our wonderful critters, just drop me a note!

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