2022 Offerings

We will have the following available this year:

  • Hatching Eggs & Hatchlings from the following breeds:
    • Chantecler
    • Buff Brahma
    • Rosecomb Leghorn
    • Mixed Bantams – incl. Cochin/Silkie/D’uccles
    • Rosecomb Leghorn
    • Welsh Harlequin ducks
    • Jumbo Pekin ducks
    • Muscovy ducks
    • Sebastopol Geese (goslings/youngstock only – no eggs)
  • Tamworth & Tamorth X Piglets
  • Katahdin/Dorper Lambs
  • Nubian X Kids
  • Dexter yearlings

If it’s not on this list, it’s not available this year! If availability changes I will alter this list.

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